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At Valley Credit Union we make all of our decisions locally because just like you we call the Annapolis Valley home. With seven branches in the Valley and our Head Office located in Waterville you can be assured that when you trust us with your business – big or small– it will be handled by one of our staff, not sent off to someone across the country.
As a financial institution we offer competitive rates for our members and the opportunity to exercise control over the way we operate. All of our members are our shareholders, meaning that as member we will make all of our practices and decisions transparent and accountable to you and our Board of Directors. We strive to make products and offer services that are tailored to your needs, we do this by listening to what our members want and need.
Our Board Members meet regularly to address business and ensure we are living up to our mandate. In an effort to be truly local and accountable we have sub-committees that organize our financials and involvement in the community. Every year we host an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to sum-up the past year’s events and what is to come in the future. At the AGM we pass-out our financial statements to ensure everyone is on the same page moving forward for a new year.
Valley Credit Union is local, transparent and accountable. For more information we are just one phone call away at (902) 538-4510.
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