Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorships and community support is managed at the branch, corporate, and Board levels. Branches support initiatives specificallly within the communities they serve, corporate supports initiatives that benefit the Annapolis Valley as a whole, and the Board supports larger, long term support commitments. Valley Credit Union has on-going sponsorship relationships with the Credit Union Rec Complex, Open Arms, Valley Hospice Foundation, the Coldbrook and District Lions Club’s Valley Drive-In, and the Credit Union Centre. Preference is given to those organizations likely to provide lasting benefits, and whose values best reflect those of VCU membership.

Occassionally there are Valley-wide requests that fall somewhat between the corporate and Board levels. These requests are sent to the Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Committee for consideration.

CSER Committee Madate

Valley Credit Union’s Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee seeks to help our Credit Union respond to the changing demographics and evolving social needs of our communities. In order to be considered for support, applicants must be Valley Credit Union members.

We commit to:
  1. We will be an active and socially responsible Corporate Citizen by being engaged and involved in our communities
  2. We will cooperate with others to optimize our positive social impact
  3. We will focus our support and giving with organizations where we can develop an on-going partnership (opportunities to volunteer and contribute to the organization)
  4. We will support organizations and causes that will have an impact on a majority of our members
  5. We will seek recognition in partnership with organizations, where appropriate
We have agreed to focus our support and sponsorship in 3 key priority areas:
    1. Education – to sponsor education events and activities that support youth and life-long education
    2. Sports – to support community strength and healthy living
    3. Health and Wellness – to support organizations/events that benefit the community

To request sponsorship from any level for your event or organization, please complete the online application form and provide as much detail as possible.


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