Interac® Online

A simple and secure way to pay online.

Have you ever wanted to pay for an online purchase using your credit union account rather than using a credit card? Now you can with Interac® Online. At home, or on the go, with Interac® Online, gone are the days of sharing your credit card information with retailers when shopping online. This new payment method gives you the option to pay for online purchases directly from your credit union account. It’s the newest online payment method, and it’s fast, convenient, and secure.

How Interac® Online works

  • Select Interac® Online at the online checkout. You will be directed to the secure Interac® gateway page.
  • Select which province your credit union resides, and then select Valley Credit Union. You will be directed to your secure personal online banking login page.
  • Log in to your Credit Union account.
  • Select the account you wish to use and confirm the transaction.
  • Once confirmed, you are logged out of your Credit Union account and are redirected back to the retailer’s confirmation page.

Benefit of using Interac® Online

  • It’s secure. No personal banking information is shared with the retailer or other third parties. The payment is completed through your secure banking session.
  • It’s convenient. There are no extra accounts to set up or passwords to remember.
  • It’s fast. The transaction takes place in just a few clicks using available funds in your credit union account.

Interac® Online Demo

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