Merchant Program

New and innovative payment methods and technologies are constantly being introduced and demanded by consumers. With several options like gift cards, tap payments, and high-tech debit/credit cards to consider, Valley Credit Union recognizes the challenges small businesses face when finding the perfect fit.

To provide your business with merchant payment options which meet the needs of your small business, we have partnered with Everlink Payment Services for our Merchant Program. Everlink is owned by a cooperative that shares Valley Credit Union’s beliefs in ethical practices and providing tailored service solutions.

Everlink believes in educating business owners on their rights with respect to merchant services. Coupled with an aggressive pricing model, we feel that they are the Merchant Services provider of choice. All of Everlink’s products are optimized for quality of service, flexibility and cost, to meet electronic payment and transactional needs.

Our Merchant Program allows Mastercard®, Visa®, Interac® Direct Payment, and other credit cards such as AMEX® and Diners Club® transactions. With an electronic terminal accepting multiple methods of payment, you save time and money.


Enhance your customer service by providing a greater choice of payment options with Interac Direct Payment service. Plus, Interac provides a safe, convenient and quick method of deposit to your current account. One terminal can process Direct Payment.


Looking to keep your manual credit card imprinter but still want the convenience of automatic deposits into your account? MerchantLink may be for you. This voice response system gives you access to over-the-phone authorization of Mastercard purchases and then deposits them into your account.
  • Could you benefit from Everlink Payment Services?
  • Are you in need of a mobile payment option that allows you to accept payments on the go?
  • Would you like to increase revenue by being able to offer Gift cards?
  • Is rewarding your customers for doing business with you through a loyalty program important to you?
  • Would you like to benefit from special discounts from national vendors for your company and staff?
Let us know if you answered yes to any of the above questions. We can tailor a merchant program to suit your individual business needs. Chat with Tara Flemming, Christy Bishop, or Barbara Armstrong, our Commercial Relationship Managers, today!

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