Hoping to buy your first home? Or thinking about a new home? One of the most common questions we are asked is, "Can I afford to buy a house?"

Explore our flexible mortgage options designed to fit every need. We even have options such as no down payment. Not sure what mortgage is right for you? Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will guide you through the mortgage process.

Reveiw Valley Credit Union's mortgage options below and let us know if you have any questions. You may contact your preferred branch or schedule a phone, video, or in-person appointment now.

No Down Payment Mortgage

Saving for a down payment to purchase a home can sometimes feel like an impossible financial goal to achieve. We can help.


Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

Start your upgrades right after taking possession of your new home.


Closed Term Mortgage

A fixed rate at a defined term, making payments more predictable and budgeting easier.


Home Equity Loan - Line of Credit

Use the equity in your home to give you financial freedom.


Second Home or Cottage Mortgage

A second home or perfect family get away could be within your reach.


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First Time Home Buyer

Are you ready? Where do you start? Fixed rate or variable rate? Open or closed mortgage? What’s an amortization period? Is home ownership even right for you?

There is a lot to learn before you make the leap into home ownership and we can help you figure out what is best for you. Buying a home is probably the single biggest investment you’ll ever make and you want to make wise decisions. Understanding where to start is a first step to being prepared. Book an appointment now with one of our financial advisors to discuss your options or start with our First Timers Guide: Buying your First Home, designed to help answer your questions and understand what’s next.

Not sure you can afford a mortgage? Check out our mortgage calculator and First Timers Guide: Budgeting to get a better idea of your situation.