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About Valley Credit Union

We offer the same products and services as other financial institutions

- ALL the same products and services.

It’s our differences that make us better:

  • We are truly LOCAL

    All our decisions are made locally because, just like you, we call the Annapolis Valley home. With seven branches in the Valley and our Head Office located in Waterville you can be assured that when you trust us with your business – big or small – it will be handled by one of our staff, not sent off to someone across the country.

  • We are a CO-OPERATIVE

    Our members are our shareholders. We don’t answer to distant shareholders, we answer to you. As a shareholder and member when we do well you benefit and vice versa.

    Valley Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of Valley Credit Union members who are voted in by the membership. Click here to learn more about this process. Our Board Members meet regularly to steer the business and ensure we are living up to our mandate. We have sub-committees that organize our financials and involvement in the community. Every year we host an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to sum-up the past year's events and financial results and what is to come in the future.


    Our earnings are invested in our members and our communities.

  • We have full service LOCAL FINANCIAL ADVISORS

    Face-to-face interaction and personal attention to your financial future. Click here to review the products and services we offer.

  • We are SAFE and SECURE

    Through the Nova Scotia Credit Union Insurance Corporation (CUDIC), we offer higher deposit insurance coverages than the Big 5 banks.

    You will have access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our ATM & Internet banking.


    We provide regular financial and volunteer support to many local organizations. We are fully committed to supporting our local communities, reinvesting in our members, supporting community organizations, and growing our local economy. An investment with Valley Credit Union is an investment in your community. Click here for a list of groups and events we've supported.

  • We believe in PEOPLE over profits

    We are improving, not closing our small town branches. We offer competitive rates and strive to make products and offer services that are tailored to our members' by listening to what you want and need.

For more information please visit us in any of our seven branches, or call head office at (902) 538-4510.

Click here to apply to be a Valley Credit Union member now or book an appointment now!