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From now until March 2nd, when you make a minimum contribution of $500 to your RRSP or TFSA, you could win a little extra for your future and your community. Two winners from across Atlantic Canada will receive a $1,000 prize and we’ll donate $1,000 to a local charity of your choice in your name. It’s a win/win in the best possible way.

All you have to do is participate in an appointment. Book now. See you soon.

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You’re thinking about your future… and you may be wondering whether you should focus on reducing your debt, start investing, or contribute to an RRSP or TFSA. Or perhaps you have multiple RRSPs or pension plans with past employers and struggle with managing multiple statements come tax season. No matter what question you have, our focused approach can make a big difference for your future.

By taking the time to understand your goals, dreams and realities, we can provide guidance on which investment products and services are best suited to you. What can a second look at your retirement plan do for you? We’re here to help you focus on the big picture – to save for what really matters.

Putting more away can be easy, at any stage. Take a minute to think about what stage of saving you’re in…

First Timer

Getting your savings started.

You’re hitting the ground running. You’ve landed your first “real” job, you’re getting married, or starting a new family—or maybe all three! It’s an exciting time in your life. And it can be difficult to think about saving for your retirement when everything is just beginning. But this is the perfect time, because time is on your side.


Growing your savings.

Your life is at its busiest. Your kids are growing and always going, your career is in full swing, you’re there for your friends, parents, community, and even manage some time for yourself occasionally. Most likely you’ve been contributing to a savings plan for some time now. But when’s the last time you took a second look at your plan to make sure it’s working as hard as you are?

Retiring Soon


Managing your savings.

You’re almost there! You’ve worked hard, saved smartly, and soon it’ll be time to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. But now that you’re in the homestretch of your retirement savings plan, there a few things well worth taking the time to consider.

Our focused approach can make a big difference for your future. It could get you on track for the kind of retirement you really want. Or get you closer to your savings goal faster than you thought possible. We’re here to help you focus on the big picture – to save for what really matters. No obligation, no strings. Just sound advice from our financial professionals who are focused on you and your financial future.

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