Better Earth® Portfolio.

We know that when it comes to making an investment, your top concern is likely to be minimizing risk and securing your principal investment. In unpredictable markets, dependable products can bring piece of mind, and a return on investment. That’s where the Better Earth® Portfolio comes in.

The Better Earth® Portfolio provides you with
  • A “green” investment option that invests in companies with a proven, positive environmental record*
  • Zero risk to your principal investment
  • No fees or commissions
  • A diversified basket of global securities

It’s a financially smart choice that allows you to diversify your portfolio without risking the principal investment.

*The rate of return is calculated on the performance of a selected group of companies in various sectors based on their environmental awareness. Each of these companies have implemented initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of their operations by either reducing their greenhouse gas emissions or water consumption.

Benefits for you:

Zero risk: When you invest in Better Earth, 100% of your principal investment is secured, which means you don’t risk losing any money.

Diversification: With a basket of global securities covering various industries, your investment is more immune to market downturns, and your portfolio is diversified!

Sustainability: Each security in the Portfolio basket is dedicated to a standard of environmental sustainability within their operations, centered around greenhouse gas emissions or water consumption.

Frequently asked questions:

Have a question about Better Earth® Portfolio? Check here for the answer. Don’t see your question? We’re here to help! Contact us for more information.

1. Is this investment right for me? Expand/Collapse

This investment may be right for you if you:
  • Seek capital protection
  • Wish to diversify your portfolio
  • Have an investment horizon of 2 years, 5 years, or longer
  • Don’t plan to withdraw your investment prior to maturity
  • Agree to forgo a guaranteed return to benefit from a higher potential return than that offered by term savings

2. How does this solution differ from conventional term savings? Expand/Collapse

This guaranteed investment differs from conventional term savings in that it does not provide a predetermined return. The guaranteed investment’s return is determined only at maturity, dependent on the performance of the security basket. As well, as a socially responsible investment, it is invested solely in securities committed to environmentally sustainable operations.

3. Can the companies selected for the securities basket be changed? Expand/Collapse

The selected companies are pre-determined, they remain in place for the duration of the investment term.

4. What registered and non-registered formats is the portfolio available in? Expand/Collapse

Registered plans: TFSA, RRSP, locked-in RRSP.
Non-registered plans: Non-registered GICs

5. How can I keep track of my investment’s performance? Expand/Collapse

Market performance is updated regularly. For more information on the performance of your Better Earth® series, please contact your LSM representative. Return information is presented for information purposes only.

6. What happens when my investment matures? Expand/Collapse

A reminder will be sent to you by mail just prior to maturity.

7. Can I redeem my investment before the maturity date? Expand/Collapse

Withdrawal is not permitted prior to maturity.