With Lock‘N’Block you can manage the use of your debit cards at anytime, anywhere. Lock’N’Block adds an additional layer of security to debit card transactions. When the card is locked, all transactions are automatically declined, making fraudulent attempts to use the card - be it online, by phone, or at ATMs and POS devices impossible. Lock’N’Block is the first fraud management solution (card block service) of its kind to market and is exclusively available through credit union technology.

Integrated into MemberDirect®, members can lock their debit card or block transactions via their online banking (under account services), mobile web, and mobile apps. Lock‘N’Block makes it easier and faster for members to protect their accounts and they will no longer have to call their credit union to lock their debit card if it’s lost or stolen.

Lock’N’Block includes the following features:

  • Lock or unlock debit card
  • Block ATM transactions
  • Block purchases and refunds
  • International POS and ATM blocking
  • Nicknames to identify multiple cards

Value to members

  • It’s quick, easy, and convenient
  • Protects members from fraud
  • Empowers members to control access to their debit cards anytime, anywhere
  • Provides peace of mind when a member’s debit card is missing